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    Increasing access to secondary education for out-of-school girls in rural India


    Each year for 1.5 million girls in India, child marriage limits their foundational life choices. Instead, it brings in motherhood when they are children themselves, leading them into a downward spiral of ill health and poverty.


    Ensuring secondary education for 1% of these girls will enable them to initiate an upward journey into future, leading to an increase in India's GDP by USD 5.5. billion.


    Come and be a part of the movement to educate  and empower girls, and put an end to child marriage through Sambhavana Learning Centres!

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    Enhancing job-readiness skills of underprivileged young people


    There is rising unemployment among underprivileged adolescents and youths – including the urban poor – due to limited job-readiness skills and life skills such as self-esteem and resilience.


    Supporting them to learn 21st-century digital & IT and communication skills, and enhacing their social, emotional, and other life skills has the potential of enhancing their job-readiness and employability.

    Support us in enhacing job-readiness among underprivileged youths through our URJA centres in slums and rural areas.



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    Prevention of childhood malnutrition

     The first two years in the human lifecycle is a critical window of opportunity for ensuring optimal growth, health, and cognitive development, which has lifelong consequences.

    However, in India, breastfeeding faltering and inadequate feeding practices during the first two years is one of the key reasons for widespread childhood malnutrition.


    Our health and nutrition programme, currently operating in 8 states of Assam and 3 states of West Bengal, aims to strengthen the capacity of frontline workers, mothers and caregivers on appropriate feeding practices during pregnancy and the child's first two years to ensure healthy growth and prevent malnutrition.

  • Who we are

    YouthInvest Foundation (YouthInvest) is an Indian not-for-profit organization with a mission to empower young people in reaching their full potential and lead productive lives. We envision healthy, educated, emotionally well-adjusted, and skilled adolescents and youth – especially from marginalised and disadvantaged populations – entering adulthood.


    We work in partnership with government, and local communities to strengthen youth participation in the development process and bring about sustainable change in education and skills training, health & nutrition of children and young people.


    Where we work

    Jharkhand, Assam, West Bengal


    Who we work for

    YouthInvest Foundation (YouthInvest) works with some of the most vulnerable young people in rural, tribal areas of West Bengal, Jharkhand and Assam, and urban slums of Kolkata city, equipping them for a better future.


    Although India's youth population presents a unique demographic advantage, however, tragically, millions of adolescents and youth in India lose out on the chance to realise their full potential and get into a downward spiral of unemployment, poverty and ill health as they drop out of school and miss higher-order skills training, lose out on employment opportunities and remain outside the health system.


    For millions of adolescent girls, the situation is even worse, where they are subjected to child marriage, early and unplanned pregnancies, abuse and violence, poor access to healthcare and a lifetime of lost opportunities.


    To reap the opportunity presented by India's huge adolescent and youth population, investments in the health, education and skill development of children and adolescents can bring immense returns that are critical for India's development.


    We currently reach out to:

    • 1000 plus young people through our education and skills training programme.
    • 35,000 plus adolescents through our life skills development programme.
    • 11,00,000 plus children and adolescents through our health and nutrition programme.
  • What we do

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    Education and skills training: Our goal is to increase access to foundational and secondary education, and job-readiness skills among underprivileged and marginalised adolescents and youths, resulting in increased higher education, job-readiness, and enhanced confidence, self-esteem and resilience, thus enhancing their life choices and reduced child marriage among girls.


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    Health & Nutrition: Our goal is to improve the health and nutrition of children and young people, leading to better reproductive & sexual health outcomes, reduced malnutrition and reduction of iron-deficiency anaemia, positive lifestyle practices among adolescents and youths, and reduced child marriage and early pregnancy.

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    Life skills development: Our goal is to build confidence, agency, resilience and leadership skills among adolescents and youths, leading to Increased self-esteem, agency and social-emotional skills among adolescents and youths, enhanced awareness of gender-egalitarian values and rights, and increased participation of vulnerable young people in community development, leading to increased access to services and opportunities.

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