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    Sambhavana Learning Centre

    A safe, youth-friendly learning and resource centre for adolescent girls and young women

    For the 1.5 million girls under 18 who are married each year in India, early marriage severely limits their life choices, hindering opportunities for higher education and gainful employment. Equally, adolescent girls who drop out of school are at maximum risk of child marriage and a lifetime of inequities. Increasing secondary education for girls can not only potentially improve their own future, but also have a multiplier effect on the future of their families and communities.   

    Sambhavana Learning Centres (SLC) by YouthInvest are community learning platforms for high school dropout adolescent girls and young married women over 15 years of age to give them a “second chance” to

    • complete secondary education,
    • gain critical information on health & nutrition and holistic life skills,
    • learn digital literacy & IT, and job-readiness skills.

    SLCs are co-located in local schools and community buildings, and are run in close collaboration with the local community and government departments. Currently, YouthInvest runs 10 SLCs in Jharkhand and 2 in West Bengal, each with a capacity to accommodate 25-30 girls.


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    SLC Curricula

    SLCs follow a holistic curricula consisting of (a) academic, (b) life skills & job-readiness, and (c) co-curricular activities.

    • Foundation Course (Foundational level language and literacy)
    • Bridge Course (Elementary level subject competency)
    • Secondary Course (National/ State Open School Board curricula) 
    • Social-emotional skills
    • Health & nutrition awareness
    • Understanding of gender and rights
    • Digital literacy & IT skills
    • Spoken English and personality development 
    • Music, dance, theatre
    • Yoga & sports
    • Art & Crafts
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    Testiminal of Sonia Kumari, student of SLC Jharkhand


    • Till date, 744 girls have enrolled for resuming secondary studies
    • 398 girls have taken the Secondary Board Examination

    - 75% (301) successfully passed the Secondary Board Exam.

    - 104 of them currently pursuing higher education.

    • 79 girls have been mainstreamed in secondary schools.
    • 267 girls are currently studying for Secondary Exam.
    • More than 600 child marriages have been averted.

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