• Sambhavana Learning Centre

    A safe, youth-friendly learning space and resource centre for adolescent girls and young women

    YouthInvest has established Sambhavana Learning Centres (SLC) as integrated learning platforms for high school dropout adolescent girls and young married women over 15 years of age to give them a “second chance” to enable them make improved individual, social and professional life choices, by

    • completing secondary education

    • gaining critical information on health & nutrition and holistic life skills

    • learning digital literacy & IT, and financial skills

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    SLCs are co-located in government spaces such as local schools, and Panchayat buildings, and are run in close collaboration with the local community. Each SLC can accommodate 25-30 girls.


    Currently, YouthInvest runs 10 SLCs in Jharkhand and 2 in West Bengal.




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    SLC curriculum

    At YouthInvest, we believe along with formal academic training, a strong emphasis on enabling girls to develop a wider awareness of themselves and the external context in which they live is vital for nurturing capable, confident girls.


    SLCs follow an integrated curriculum that provides the girls with an opportunity to develop an awareness of their social situation, gain confidence and self-esteem so that they can understand and address the multiple challenges life throws in and chart their destiny.


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      Between 2017 and 2022, SLCs have enabled 750 out-of-school adolescent girls to resume their education in Jharkhand and West Bengal, and prevented more than 500 girls from child marriage.


      In the year 2021-22, from YouthInvest Jharkhand SLCs

      • 174 girls from YouthInvest Jharkhand SLCs successfully passed the Secondary Board Examination

      • 59 of them currently pursuing higher education in government institutions.

      • 12 girls have enrolled in vocational skills training courses.

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