• Target groups and approach


    Our work is aimed at changing the lives of both unmarried adolescents and youths (10-24 years) and married couples (15-29 years), by providing them with opportunities to complete secondary education, train in skills, and develop self-confidence and agency that enable them to realise their full potential and have more life choices.


    We believe that a socio-ecological approach is necessary to catalyse and sustain normative change. Accordingly, our interventions target the determinants of poor health, education and gender inequality present at individual, family, community, and system levels in a synergistic way. We work in close collaboration with local administration, local self-government, and government line departments, such as, Departments of Education, Health & Family Welfare, and Department of Social Welfare.

    Unmarried young people


    We work with unmarried young people in schools and community settings to promote and ensure

    • Positive health, nutrition, WASH & lifestyle awareness and practice
    • Understanding of gender and rights issues
    • Secondary education
    • Life skills development
    • Job-preparedness skills: Computer & IT skills, Spoken English, personality enhancement

    Married young people


    We work with married young women, their spouses, and families to promote and ensure

    • Secondary education for young married women.
    • Job-preparedness skills training for young married women and men.
    • Reproductive health, family planning and child nutrition for young married couples.
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