• Skills for Life Programme

    Enhancing confidence, resilience, and agency among young people

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    YouthInvest considers life skills to be foundational and essential for young people in understanding, negotiating, and mediating everyday challenges and risks, and preparing them for adulthood as responsible, resilient, emotionally and socially adept productive citizens.


    The YouthInvest “Skills for Life Programme” integrates

    • Personal, social, and emotional skills

    • Critical awareness of gender and rights

    • Awareness of reproductive and sexual health, nutrition and personal hygiene

    • 21st-century century IT and financial literacy

  • Our approach

    • YouthInvest Foundation’s life skills programme focuses on equipping adolescents and youths with accurate, age-appropriate and culturally relevant information and skills that will help them to navigate day-to-day challenges and prepare for adult life.

    • We focus on building leadership, communication, decision-making and advocacy skills amongst vulnerable young people so that they can access development schemes and services.

    • We use a customisable curriculum that can be implemented either as a year-long programme or through periodic workshops/ boot camps, in school, college or community settings.


    • Understanding self

    • Growing up

    • Gender and rights

    • Nutrition and healthy lifestyle

    • Sexual and reproductive health

    • Psychosocial and emotional health

    • Personal safety and prevention of abuse

    • Communication and decision-making skills

    • Resilience

    • Goal setting

    • Young people as advocates and change agents


    • Activities and role-play

    • Simulation

    • Audio-video-based interactive sessions

    • Comic book-based activities and interactive session

    • Creative and performance-based activities such as theatre, music

    • Service learning projects and advocacy events led by youths

    • Mobile app and digital resource Swasthya Poshan Alaap for Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health