• URJA Kendra

    Empowering underprivileged adolescents and youths in job-readiness skills

    Enabling young people with job-readiness skills, such as computer literacy and digital skills to use technology is pivotal to bringing about positive changes in their lives in the 21st century. However, in rural areas and urban slums, adolescents and youths often do not have access to computers nor can acquire social-emotional skills, confidence, self-esteem and other life skills critical for employment, thus losing out on learning these vital skills and missing out on opportunities.

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    YouthInvest has initiated URJA Kendra: community-based resource centres in rural areas and urban slums for underprivileged youths to equip them with computer & IT, and other essential skills which are critical for job-readiness.


    Currently, 2 URJA Kendra are operational in Kolkata and Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal. 

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    Services offered

    • Basics of computer & IT skills (MS Office, Email and use of the internet in for personal finance, social media, accessing government schemes and benefits)
    • Spoken English and personality development
    • Social, emotional and life skills
    • Youth-friendly space for community activities, dialigues and events